We’ll be home to two different installations/exhibitions this May, displaying prints from the Artists Open Houses cover artist Hannah Forward, and hosting an eclectic array of exciting new works with New Grounds. 

You can find out a bit more about both of these exhibition events below. Our Artists Open Houses exhibition will be free entry, so do pop in and have a little look. New Grounds is a little bit different, with exhibition pieces running alongside some sound-art performances, workshops, and a theatrical performance in our cloakroom. If any of this tickles your curiosity then have a scroll down and take a closer look at what’s coming up.


Hannah Forward – Artists Open Houses 2019 Brochure Cover Artist
From Tue 23 Apr, Waterloo Room

Hannah Forward, the May 2019 Artists Open Houses Brochure Cover Artist, is an artist and printmaker who works from her studio in Hove. She studied Graphic Design at Brighton University before becoming a full-time printmaker in 2018. Her work captures the everyday events and artefacts of modern life, with particular attention to social events and personal pastimes. She uses vivid colours and bold shapes to create detailed, textured prints, which have a sense of movement and strong graphic quality.

Since completing a BA in Printmaking at the University of Brighton she has exhibited widely, in the UK and internationally. She creates limited edition textiles, fine art screenprints, wallpapers and books using hand-made inks made from pure pigments and metallic glazes.

See more of Hannah’s work in her Open House at 12 Scott Road, Hove, during Artists Open Houses weekends throughout May:

New Grounds | FAKE/MAKE
Throughout May, Open during box office hours and pre-show doors

The phrase ‘fake it till you make it’ has a fairly long history. Its early uses can be traced back to the 20th century, where it was most likely considered out of necessity, or seen as the one’s voluntary path to cheerfulness. Originally, the phrase developed as an English aphorism, which suggests that by imitating confidence, capability, and a hopeful outlook, a person can realise those qualities in their real life. Many disciplines consider this mindset to enable a change one’s attitude through psychology to self-care culture.

This year’s New Grounds programme is looking at the ideas, speculations and self-reflection on this subject through various art forms. Why do we fake it? What happens to the intention of ‘making’ in the act of ‘faking’? Does it lose the face value of the by-product or the purpose of the creation? Faking can be seen as being a fabricator or charlatan, but can it also be seen as a role-play which disguises, transforms and perhaps enables one’s creative act into practice? When faking precedes making, how does this affect the artists’ process?

New Grounds’ artists will be looking at the thought of ‘faking’/’making’ as a reflective relationship to speculate and show the personal experiences within these artistic practices of sound performances, multimedia installations and workshops.


Ed Briggs: Space Bard

Ed Briggs: Space Bard

Ed Briggs: Space Bard | Sun 2 Jun, 4pm – 5pm

What do medieval castles, lasers, music, gravity measurements and knights-errant have in common? Join Ed Briggs to find out as he presents a tale of one idiot’s attempt to make sense of a unique site in Sussex – the Space Geodesy Facility at Herstmonceux. The Brighton based Inventor and musician will present the result of a month-long residency at the facility situated on the Sussex Weald. Ed’s work uses bespoke electronic and acoustic instruments, both scientific and musical, to explore how music can be used as a method of inquiry. Join him as he asks the question “how do we learn about the world by making things up?”

Ed is a sound artist and performer who lives in Brighton. He describes his performance technique as performance-lecture. His practice involves building a zero-gravity drop tower, growing some space peas, synthesisers and dressing up in medieval clothes in science labs. He is currently forming the last quarter of his PhD at the University of Sussex.



Rebecca Dyer: Music For Meltdowns

Rebecca Dyer: Music For Meltdowns

Rebecca Dyer: Music For Meltdowns | Sat 1 Jun, 4pm – 5pm

Autistic artist R.Dyer will be using sensory toys, loop pedal and found sounds like part of an interactive performance exploring social ritual, stimming and the meaning of *autistic-friendly* space. Bring your fidget spinners!

Rebecca is a sound artist and performer. Her music is acoustic-electronic, and she mixes pop with found sounds and old technologies. She lives and works in Brighton.


Daniel Levin: Cloakroom Sessions

Daniel Levin: Cloakroom Sessions

Daniel Levin: Cloakroom Sessions | Date & time TBC | £4

Cloakroom Sessions is a powerful and performative exploration of a therapeutic scenario. It is an invitation to step into a cloakroom with a stranger for a playful immersion of the senses. At once absurd, playful but also serious. Be prepared to be fully immersed for a transformative Journey in a cloakroom with a caring stranger all at the cost of a pint!

Daniel Levin is a storyteller, once upon a time a magician, magically poetic with words and in love most of the time with life. Whether performing at Womad Wilderness or Old Age Homes, he anchors his work in what makes us tick, what elevates the human spirit and seeks to identify where our blind spots are.


Epha J Roe: The Dawn and the Downs

Ëpha Roe

“It seems to be what we feared most. The signs have since begun to show themselves. Slowly at first, as they so usually do. Their prominence gradually growing from the dark, as if shadows forming through the absence of light.”

The story of S. Dunstan is clouded in the occult. After having moved to a quiet, suburban town in the South East of England, Dunstan finds himself plagued by signs, sites and symbols, all pointing to the Devil’s recent presence. Through the recurrence of graffiti sites surrounding their home, the discovery of a local folktale is reignited through its devilish content. Left compelled to follow traces left by breadcrumbs of mythology, Dunstan finds themselves lost and shrouded in a story blurred by fiction, fact and folklore.

Ëpha Roe is an artist who primarily works with photography. Ëpha’s practice generally focuses on how shifts in perception can be mediated through photography and creative writing. Ëpha is a practice-led photography PhD student at the University of Brighton and is living in Brighton.

Instagram: @ephajroe



Bethan Clarke

Bethan Clarke

Bethan Clarke

My creative interest focuses mainly on using both found photography and original work, combining them together to make new narratives, as well as using multimedia techniques such as embroidery to explore concepts of identity, personality, gender, and shapes within the landscape.

Bethan Clarke is a photographer and process-led artist who works mainly with lens and textile-based practices. She is in the midst of a master at the University of Sussex, engaging with practices of photography and multimedia techniques.

Instagram: @bethan.m.clarke



Súhannah Whitton

Súhannah Whitton

Súhannah Whitton will be showing some of her illustrations from the comic series Skully the Sad Skeleton. The series focuses on the issues of mental health and how it can sometimes leave us feeling stripped of our identity, back to just bones. The comic will share some small moments where we face our vulnerability, strength and hope to find a profound change.

Súhannah Whitton is a self-taught artist and maker who lives on Hastings. Her creative practice forms between various mediums such as photography, illustration, creative writing and music.

Instagram: @suhannahwhitton


Where Are We? Workshop

Kate Kelsall, Claire Patrick and İdil Bozkurt: WHERE ARE WE? Workshop Double Bill | Tue 28 May
part 1 | 1.30pm – 4.30pm
part 2 | 6pm – 9pm

“The urge to map is a basic, enduring human instinct…” Jeremy Brotton

Idil, Kate & Clare invite you to get lost, whilst pondering this simple question. In Part One we will call on cameraless photography, cartography and collaboration, thinking about the ways people have (and could) organise space and orientate themselves. Part Two plays with tools employed in fantasy fiction, role-playing games and philosophical arguments, to begin reimagining the terrain itself.

This will make your Christmas, but don’t just take our word for it!


We’re fidgeting around with excitement ahead of 1927’s return to us this Christmas. Last time they were here they brought their amazing show Golem to us, this time around it’s The Animals and Children Took To The Streets.

1927 are an award-winning theatre company known for their stunningly original synchronisation of live music, performance and storytelling with stunning films and animation. Their shows are like giant graphic novels burst into life and we just LOVE them. 

We could go on forever about how great 1927 are, and about how much you’ll love this show, but don’t just take our word for it. We’ve compiled a bumper crop of reviews for the show below, so take a look at what the experts think… 


★★★★★ – ‘While the group has drawn comparisons to Tim Burton and David Lynch, 1927’s black humoured tale of The Animals and Children Took to the Streets is a truly unforgettable production and deserves acclaim of its own.’ Time Out (Sydney)


★★★★★ – ‘It’s a rare treat for a theatre lover to discover a show that’s quite like anything she’s experienced before and adore it unreservedly from the start. Such was the glorious sensation that company 1927 gave me, with its outstanding blend of animation, original music and quirky storytelling in 70 nigh on perfect minutes…A huge hit beckons.’ The Evening Standard *****


★★★★★ – This is a perfect alternative show. In fact, it is a perfect show.’ The Financial Times
‘The Animals and Children took to the Streets is richly quirky, terrifically ambitious for a tiny company, and superbly executed. Where will 1927 go from here? Theirs is a name to watch.’ The Independent on Sunday


‘Think Alexander Rodchenko meets Tim Burton, Charles Dickens meets Fritz Lang, and the early 20th-century silent movie meets the 21st-century graphic novel, and you have something of the flavour of this jaw-droppingly clever and gloriously subversive parable of social mobility, revolution and its suppression… 1927 conjure a world so complete it feels as if you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole’
‘a really astonishing piece of work from 1927.’ The Guardian


‘the new show from the macabre, musically ingenious and graphically glorious company called 1927…Anyone interested in the theatre should see this company now.’ The Observer


‘1927 have raised the bar in this blackly funny masterpiece that fuses a mish-mash of forms to make something that says much about the recession-led culture of now. Junk-shop Weimar agit-cabaret, comic-strip silent-movie noir as rewritten with the cruelty of Roald Dahl and soundtracked by cut-glass parlour room piano ditties all combine to make something politically pertinent.’ The Herald


‘technically brilliant use of live action and music combined with superbly drawn and animated film backgrounds to create shows that combine vintage cultural nostalgia with a sharp, beady-eyed sense of postmodern alienation.’ The Scotsman


★★★★★ – ‘British genre hoppers 1927 conjure up this gorgeously grim world in a technically brilliant blend of live music, physical theatre and animation…This is an entrancing show. Don’t miss it.’ Sydney Morning Herald


‘1927 stand as one of the UK’s most exciting young companies, festooned in acclaim, their upwards trajectory as yet unchecked.’
‘The Animals and Children Took to the Streets’ is a comprehensive raising of their game. It’s a visually stunning, bitingly funny and startlingly topical piece that’s the most subversive show in town… A mind-blowingly beautiful piece of theatre.’ Time Out (London)


‘1927: Their star is on the ascendant and there is nothing quite like them.’ The Times


‘visual theatre that drips with class and fresh possibilities. Its prescience and perception stands testimony that devised work can trade political punches with playwrights without sacrificing aesthetics or playfulness… Alert the judging panels: The Animals & Children Took to the Streets should not be overlooked.’
Culture Wars


‘Brilliantly inventive, funny, poignant and visually entrancing, it’s a treat.’ Sunday Telegraph (Australia)


‘…grown-ups into cinema, twisted animation and immersive storytelling theatre will love it.’ Sun Herald


‘1927 have once again conjured up a night of unique theatrical magic out of a potent combination of deadpan grotesquery and vaudevillian flair. This cautionary tale, on the surface at least, is a macabre masterpiece of invention and skill.’ Whatsonstage

Book your tickets & find out more here


Join us for a pigment drenched journey themed around the colour Green.

For this specially curated live-lounge podcast, we invited storytellers: musicians, writers, academics and artists from across the city to share a story with us evoked by colour over three intimate Sunday sessions at The Old Market. Hosted by local singer/songwriter Chris T-T and accompanied by Todd Jordan, each night is inspired by a different hue: blue, red and green. For this third and final episode in this series – We explore the richness and complexity of the colour green. Enjoy. Please help us spread the word. #wilderstories #TOMcasts


Sit back, relax, and join us for a pigment drenched journey themed around the colour Blue.

The colour of sadness and a signifier of wide open space, blue evokes duelling senses in harmonic tension; isolation and freedom; sadness and openness; the cold and the wet.

Listen to this collage of contributions centred around and inspired by Blue…

Wilder Stories is a specially curated live-lounge podcast, we invited storytellers: musicians, writers, academics and artists from across the city to share a story with us evoked by colour over three intimate Sunday sessions at The Old Market. Hosted by local singer/songwriter Chris T-T and accompanied by live music, each night in this first mini series is inspired by a different hue: blue, red and green. 

A Word With Abigail and Emma – The Duo Behind The Award-Winning “Enter The Dragons”

Ahead of their short run of Enter the Dragons with us next month, we spoke with Abigail and Emma (of A&E comedy) about the show and what inspired them to write it. 

Enter the Dragons won “Best of the Brighton Fringe 2017”.

What’s the show about? The show takes the classic mythological quest and re-imagines it for the older modern woman. Banished from the land of the young, our “protagonist” must now negotiate a weird landscape, populated by strange creatures and weird sisters. Expect fantastical costumes, ridiculous puppetry and extreme wigs. Imagine the W.I. run by the Mighty Boosh.

What inspired you to write the show? We felt that there was a lot of negativity about getting older. We know lots of funny, dynamic and stylish women over the age of 45, but we couldn’t see women like that represented anywhere. We wanted to write the show we would like to see: funny, ridiculous, surreal and that explores and celebrates getting older with optimism and joyful dissent.

What do you hope audiences take away from the show? We hope our audiences, whatever their age or gender, come away having had a really good laugh and maybe shed a tear too. If they are inspired to embrace getting older, worry less, wear what ever they like, stop apologizing, behave badly and kick ageing up the arse then that’s fantastic.

Which older women inspire you? There are so many amazing, uncompromising older women who are tearing up the rule-book on ageing. Patti Smith rocks our world. We’re a little bit obsessed with Frances McDormand. Her performance in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri just blew us away. Also very inspired by the wave of older fashionistas, like Iris Apfel and Accidental Icon who are totally owning their own style.

Who is the show aimed at? We’re all ageing all the time so we hope the show has a broad appeal. Even if you are not an older woman you know one: your mother, your aunt, your wife. Lots of young people have come up after the show and said how reassuring it was to hear a positive view of ageing.

What plans do you have for the show in the future? We were chuffed to have won the Broadway Baby Bobby award for best show in Brighton Fringe last year, so this year we’re taking the show to The Pleasance at Edinburgh Fringe, which is going to be intense but so much fun. A national autumn tour is also on the cards.

Do you consider yourself to be a feminist? If so, what does feminism mean to you?
Absolutely we’re feminists! To us, the definition of feminism is simply working towards equality: political, economic, social and personal. It seems ridiculous that any human being wouldn’t want that! If we could achieve a balanced, equal society we wouldn’t need to label ourselves anymore.

What’s making you angry, excited or calm for 2018?
Angry: The infinitely infantile Trump, the slow motion car-crash that is Brexit, there’s a lot to be angry about. It’s especially infuriating when women are told they shouldn’t be angry, that they should “calm down, dear” and not make a fuss! Anger when used wisely is a powerful force for change. With the emergence of The Time’s Up movement, there’s a sense that hard won, and long overdue change is going to come. It feels like a very energizing and inspiring time and that now is a pivotal moment.

Excited: We are so thrilled to be taking the show to The Edinburgh Fringe. Performing our show and inspiring other women to kick aging right up the arse really is exciting!

Calm: Herbal tea and mindfulness; only joking! Not giving a f**k about the small stuff, and a large gin and tonic.

If you’re after tickets, and in our (albeit biased) opinion you definitely should be, then you can get them here


Make yourself as comfortable as you can and for the next hour we dive into the colour red.

Red is the most human of colours, it is sex and blood, fire and passion. Red never sits in the background, patiently waiting its turn like blue did: red pummels you for attention the moment you glimpse it.

It is the standout moment, the highlight or low point of a room, or a day, or a love affair. 

Wilder Stories will always be a tinted mirror and tonight we begin with music. Join us for a pigment drenched journey themed around the colour red. 

Wilder Stories is a specially curated live-lounge podcast, we invited storytellers: musicians, writers, academics and artists from across the city to share a story with us evoked by colour over three intimate Sunday sessions at The Old Market. Hosted by local singer/songwriter Chris T-T and accompanied by live music, each night in this first mini series is inspired by a different hue: blue, red and green. 

Thank you to the wonderful and rich voices of Brighton for their contributions:

Chris T-T (host)
Todd Jordan (music composition and performance)


Recorded live at The Old Market, May 2017.

Hurrah! Pre/Post show meal offers this Xmas!

Get delicious discounts off your Christmas meal with your Cinderella and the Beanstalk tickets…


If you like your panto with a twist, Cinderella and the Beanstalk is the show for you – a fast-paced, bare-knuckled comedy penned by the multi-award winning trio Sleeping Trees and directed by Tom Attenborough. 

To ensure your festive night out goes with a bang, we’ve teamed up with four great restaurants to give you money off your food bill. All you need to do is present your Cinderella and the Beanstalk tickets upon arrival. Discounts are valid between Thu 14 Dec – Sat 6 Jan, and terms and conditions apply at each restaurant – see below for all the details. Happy yule tide everyone!


102-105 Western Road, Hove // // 01273 725495 // 150m from The Old Market

Get 10% off your food bill at SIX with your Cinderella and The Beanstalk tickets. Offer applies to advanced bookings only, up to a maximum of 6 people. Book here or by phone. Taking influence from abundant country fields in Europe, SIX combines the freshest ingredients with a passion for bringing out inherent flavours in a contemporary approach to cuisine.

Fatto A Mano
65-67 Church Rd, Hove BN3 2BD, Hove // // 01273 325400 // 800m from The Old Market

Open everyday from midday – 10pm, Fatto A Mano is a fast-paced eatery, serving up delicious wood-fired Neapolitan pizza. Kids eat for free at Fatto A Mano, making it the perfect place to take the family before or after the matinee show. For group bookings over 6 people, reserve your table by phone, or if there are less than 6 of you, just turn up.

La Choza
105 Western Road, Brighton // // 320m from The Old Market

Present your ticket on the day of the show to claim 10% off your food bill at La Choza, Western Rd. Valid for lunch or a pre-show dinner and subject to availability. Offer valid on food only and excludes Friday and Saturday evenings after 7pm. Please note Christmas is a very busy time of year, so advanced booking is highly recommended by email, phone or online bookingLa Choza serves authentic slow-cooked Mexican street food. Recommended by The Guardian and named one of the UK’s best ‘cheap eats’ in the Observer Food Monthly awards, the menu includes fresh tacos, burritos and quesadillas.

Bottom’s Rest
Conquer House, 16 Lower Market St, Hove BN3 1AT // 01273 733513 // 10m from The Old Market

Enjoy food and drinks in Bottom’s Rest, a cosy, hidden gem of a pub, tucked away just behind the venue. Present your Cinderella and The Beanstalk ticket on the day of the show and get 10% off your food bill.  Subject to availability, please note Christmas is a very busy time of year, so advanced booking is highly recommended. To secure your booking, call Bottom’s Rest or email
Offer excludes: Tuesday 241 burger offer, Wednesday curry night, Thursday wing night, and Sunday roasts. Under 18s are welcome until 8pm.


Do you have a story to tell?

Earlier in the year we launched a brand new podcast series called Wilder Stories.  We invited storytellers from all disciplines to spin their yarns –  with each podcast having a unique theme.

The first podcasts were recorded in front of a live audience during Brighton Fringe and were hosted by poet-musician Chris T-T and scored by Todd Jordan.  After the success of these we’re searching for participants for the next round, with the natural environment our inspiration.

The chosen themes for Wilder Stories series 2 will be;  THE SEA, THE HILLS, and THE WOODS.

If you have a suitable short story, poem, essay or song then we’d like to hear from you! This time, we’ll be recording each story on the move – so can meet you at a chosen location to hear your story, or you can come to us.

How to apply:

– Indicate whether your submission is a story, poem, essay, narrative song or something else entirely.
– Let us know which theme your piece is inspired by (the sea, hills or woods).
– It should be no longer than 5 minutes in length.

Send a transcript or a link to a recording with the subject line: WILDER STORIES 2 + SEA/HILLS or WOOD
to james [at]

You can apply to more than one, if you would like to.

The deadline for submissions is Fri 15 Sep and we will let you know by Wed 20 Sep.

Wilder Stories is produced by The Old Market with LoFi Arts and hosted by CJ Thorpe.

Autumn season launch – #TOMtech, TOM’s Film Club and more!

Brighton Digital Festival begins in September and we’re serving up our biggest #TOMtech season ever.

A Technology Takeover?

Throughout Autumn, we’ll be hosting workshops, events and meet-ups that will explore how new technologies are changing the creative landscape, with one burning question – how can the latest developments in tech improve how we experience culture?

We’ll be posing this question and many others to artists, tech wizards and everyone in between during the festival, with some of the findings being podcasted and blogged on the #TOMtech site.

To start the season off, we’re more than a little bit excited that cutting-edge design studio Marshmallow Laser Feast are bringing their interactive musical laser installation Forest to the venue for two weeks, from Tue 29 August.

Made of steel rods and lasers, the installation invites you to play, tap, shake, and pluck the musical ‘trees’. Interacting with the trees causes them to swing and oscillate, creating vibrating patterns of light and sound. Each tree is tuned to a specific tone, creating harmonious sounds spatialised and played in surround sound. As well as Forest, there’ll be other immersive virtual reality experiences to explore, all part of the MLF retrospective: Habitats

Check out the video below to hear and see the Forest in action.

As well as Habitats, other ground-breaking VR experiences include the sensual journey Frogman, the first full length piece of VR theatre, which uses binaural sound to take you into the heart of the coral reef. The sumptuous WHIST takes you on a journey into the unconscious mind. And vrLAB returns to showcase yet more virtual reality experiences following a sell-out run last year.

Elsewhere, there’s cutting edge automated performance in Macondo and REMOTE where you, the audience, steer the show.

TOM’s Film Club continues…

We’ve got some real corkers coming up for our AUTUMN season. Including The Love Witch, a special #TOMtech and Brighton Digital Festival screening of Ex_Machina and the supernatural horror, Under the Shadow.

We’ve introduced a bundle offer where you can buy tickets for two films for £10, or a season pass for all films for just £24! Individual tickets are still priced at £6 each.

Want to know more about the rest of the season? Film Club creator, Michael McDermott talks to Culture Calling about the origins of the club and what films are coming up.



A show to get your teeth in to this Halloween…

We’re super excited to announce the return of Exeter based comedy troupe, Le Navet Bete. They’ll be bringing the funny this Halloween with their very own take on Bram Stoker’s classic novel, Dracula.

The troupe are no stranger to TOM, with last year’s rendition of Dick Tracy and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (2015), both hailed by the critics. Dracula: The Bloody Truth promises to have the vampires back in the ground and will leave you flying high! Check out the full length trailer below for more giggles, you can fang us later…

May is wilder than you know…

Are you sitting comfortably? We’ve been busy sharing our own stories down in the basement, to warm up for our brand new storytelling night Wilder Stories

Story Mash #wilderstories

The TOM team and friends spinning yarns.

At the heart of any arts festival is the sharing of stories, so we’ve brought together artists, academics, musicians, poets and raconteurs for three nights in May during Brighton Fringe, to share their stories with us. Wilder Stories: Rhapsodies in Colour promises bold, beautiful, grotesque and intricate story-telling, with each night inspired by a different hue: Blue (Sun 7 May), Red (Sun 21 May) and Green (Sun 28 May).

Included in the evening line-up so far are 2017 Aesthetica Creative Writing Award winner, Christina Sanders (BLUE), musician Nick Harper (RED) and Brighton based musician and writer, Cess Greenness (GREEN).

Wilder Stories will mark the launch of a live podcast series, hosted by poet-musician-activist Chris T-T, and scored by Todd Jordan. Tickets are just £5, and £3 each if you buy a ticket for more than one Wilder Stories event. To get the ball rolling, we got together to share some of our favourite tales in front of the camera.

Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan

Here’s our rendition of an excerpt from scientist Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot. Written in 1994, Sagan was inspired to write after urging the crew of Voyager 1 to take an image of Earth during a mission on February 14, 1990. As the spacecraft travelled to the fringes of the solar system, engineers turned around to take a photograph. The resulting image, with the earth a speck less than 0.12 pixels in size, became known as the ‘pale blue dot‘.  Sagan’s writing asserts the sheer vastness of space, and our undeniably-small place within it.

‘Pale Blue Dot’ the image is part of the first ever ‘portrait’ of the solar system taken by Voyager 1 (NASA/JPL) / Artwork by Hannah Broadway for Wilder Stories – Rhapsodies in Colour: BLUE

Check out the full info for Wilder Stories:

As part of TOM’s venue pledge, we are working with community groups across the city to promise that for every ticket bought for this specially curated series of live-lounge podcasts, we will donate a ticket to someone who can’t afford to go to the theatre.