Autumn season launch – #TOMtech, TOM’s Film Club and more!

Brighton Digital Festival begins in September and we’re serving up our biggest #TOMtech season ever.

A Technology Takeover?

Throughout Autumn, we’ll be hosting workshops, events and meet-ups that will explore how new technologies are changing the creative landscape, with one burning question – how can the latest developments in tech improve how we experience culture?

We’ll be posing this question and many others to artists, tech wizards and everyone in between during the festival, with some of the findings being podcasted and blogged on the #TOMtech site.

To start the season off, we’re more than a little bit excited that cutting-edge design studio Marshmallow Laser Feast are bringing their interactive musical laser installation Forest to the venue for two weeks, from Tue 29 August.

Made of steel rods and lasers, the installation invites you to play, tap, shake, and pluck the musical ‘trees’. Interacting with the trees causes them to swing and oscillate, creating vibrating patterns of light and sound. Each tree is tuned to a specific tone, creating harmonious sounds spatialised and played in surround sound. As well as Forest, there’ll be other immersive virtual reality experiences to explore, all part of the MLF retrospective: Habitats

Check out the video below to hear and see the Forest in action.

As well as Habitats, other ground-breaking VR experiences include the sensual journey Frogman, the first full length piece of VR theatre, which uses binaural sound to take you into the heart of the coral reef. The sumptuous WHIST takes you on a journey into the unconscious mind. And vrLAB returns to showcase yet more virtual reality experiences following a sell-out run last year.

Elsewhere, there’s cutting edge automated performance in Macondo and REMOTE where you, the audience, steer the show.

TOM’s Film Club continues…

We’ve got some real corkers coming up for our AUTUMN season. Including The Love Witch, a special #TOMtech and Brighton Digital Festival screening of Ex_Machina and the supernatural horror, Under the Shadow.

We’ve introduced a bundle offer where you can buy tickets for two films for £10, or a season pass for all films for just £24! Individual tickets are still priced at £6 each.

Want to know more about the rest of the season? Film Club creator, Michael McDermott talks to Culture Calling about the origins of the club and what films are coming up.



A show to get your teeth in to this Halloween…

We’re super excited to announce the return of Exeter based comedy troupe, Le Navet Bete. They’ll be bringing the funny this Halloween with their very own take on Bram Stoker’s classic novel, Dracula.

The troupe are no stranger to TOM, with last year’s rendition of Dick Tracy and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (2015), both hailed by the critics. Dracula: The Bloody Truth promises to have the vampires back in the ground and will leave you flying high! Check out the full length trailer below for more giggles, you can fang us later…