BLOG: May Festivals 2015 “It’s A Wrap” – Awards, Reviews & Tweets

Last month here at The Old Market we hosted four incredible festivals covering music, theatre, comedy and club nights. We were thrilled to host a whole range of sell out shows. Here’s a summary of how it all went…


Argus Angel Award: BLACK IS THE COLOR OF MY VOICE [Apphia Campbell, Gilded Balloon Productions]
Apphia Campbell’s sold out run was widely praised by audiences both for her engaging narrative and stunning vocals. Having picked up awards and accolades worldwide, the show was described by The Argus as “sweet, soulful and moving,” ★★★★★ and was awarded a coveted Argus Angel Award [read full review]. Keep an ear out for Apphia’s future shows…


Argus Angel Award: VERSES VERSUS VERSES [Adventure Poetry]
Adventure Poetry’s night of ‘Brighton v London, Poets v MCs’ arrived The Old Market with a bang. A full evening of performances included the likes of  Michael Parker, Robin Lawley and The Spoken Herd whom The Argus praised for their “celebration of linguistic inventiveness, wit and inclusiveness,” ★★★★★ [read full review].



LORRAINE & ALAN [Bucket Club]
Bucket Club’s LORRAINE AND ALAN received a glowing 5 stars from The Latest  –  they called it “magical, heart-warming and heart-breaking,” ★★★★★ [read full review].

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 14.41.19

Sam Green’s sell out ‘live documentary’ with musical accompanied was described by BN1 Magazine as an “utterly fascinating” ★★★★★ performance full of charm. [read full review].


HUNDRED WATT CLUB: Burlesque & Cabaret [Lena Mae]
If you missed Hundred Watt Club, never fear, they will back with us on Saturday 10 October. “Full of glitter and sequins, Hundred Watt Club delivers a gorgeous night of camp beauty,” wrote Fringe Review [read full review].



PHOTO STORY: Waterloo Archway & Gardens

Here at The Old Market, we are incredibly lucky to be neighboured by an award-winning community garden, and the impressive Grade II listed Waterloo Archway. Expanding on our history of The Old Market, we thought we would take a look at the past and present of Waterloo Archway and its garden.

The Waterloo Arch

As we’ve seen, The Old Market didn’t last long in its retail capacity; by the mid 1800s its usage was firmly established as a stables and riding academy. It’s greatest success, however, came under the direction of Alfred Du Pont from 1870.

dupontmissmorice History-2-800x500

Du Pont’s Riding Academy earned national acclaim, and its popularity necessitated expansions to the original building. Yet, entering from Waterloo street to the East, its students may have been underwhelmed by the building’s facade.

In 1877, addressing this problem, Du Pont constructed the Waterloo Arch – render over brick, with crafted detail – offering his clients a significantly more impressive arrival.

By the early 1900s, The Old Market’s equestrian heyday had passed and the Waterloo Arch no longer welcomed riders. Instead, it became the entrance way for a steel structure housing a smokery for ham and bacon. Various ownerships and modifications left this building by the 1980s ramshackle, grimy and full of asbestos.


Local residents called for the arch’s restoration, and Hove council eventually managed to secure the plans and finance to do so, with a grand re-opening in 1986.

Waterloo Street Community Garden

With the Arch restored and the steel structure removed, Waterloo street was left with a clean but distinctly uninspiring path to The Old Market. A garden, many suggested, would be an ideal addition to the area. Early attempts, though, were underwhelming.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 12.51.04 Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 13.27.05

In the early 2000s, under the guidance of Bill Cowell and Peggy Thomas, grander plans were proposed. (Find more detail on the WSCG website.) For the past 7 years, under the management of the WSCG, the garden has blossomed, even earning a coveted “City In Bloom” prize.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 13.27.37 e45382_07fdeddbff37494d96e070f4de6d2e03.png_srz_322_515_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srz

The WSCG say “we are looking to create and maintain a pleasant environment for the residents to get to know their neighbours, exchange ideas and make friends. Most people in this central location in Hove do not have an outside space to relax in and so they use the garden as an extension of their homes.”

Donations to the community garden are greatly appreciated; you can donate here.

Next time you visit us here at The Old Market, make sure to stop by this wonderful, peaceful and historic spot!

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