Festivals ’18 – Team TOM’s picks…

With Festivals season lurking around the corner, we’re getting a wee bit giddy to say the least. So to celebrate, some members of the TOM Team have picked out what they are most excited about this season and why…

Helen (Programmer)
The Fabulous Backstrom Brothers is sure to be a giggle! Spymonkey’s outrageous and brilliantly disruptive influence on even the most highbrow art forms is a complete joy to behold. I can’t wait to see how director Toby Parks works with two Finnish opera singing brothers in this musical cabaret that is billed as Richard Wagner meets Johnny Cash in a Ring of Fire!!

Andy (Marketing Officer)
I can’t wait to see Hammerhead, the latest offering from Joseph Morpurgo. He is famed for his razor sharp wit and immense talent for improvisation – if you’ve ever seen his performances as part of the Jane Austen inspired improv group Austentatious then you’ll know how good he is. If you haven’t seen him, he’s unlike any other comic act on the circuit so well worth a watch. I can’t wait (but I’m going to have to…)

Tanya (Operations Manager)
Ooo, there’s a lot I want to see this season! All of the Finnish Season, Benjamin Zephaniah, Fleabag… but I’m probably most looking forward to The Lovers Circus. This is a new venture for us, a really exciting one! There’s going to be some fantastic music throughout the night (love The Turbans particularly) and a variety of entertainment including poetry, VR, workshops and more. Loads to keep you busy partying into the night!

Mark (Marketing Manager)
Just recently, I made my first visit to TOM’s Film Club and had a wonderful evening, so I’m eager to see the next offer – the Nick Cave Double Bill. The atmosphere at the club screenings is unlike any other cinema I’ve been to, so relaxed and welcoming, and I think I’m the only person in my family who hasn’t seen either of these films. Even so, the family are coming with me to see them again! I’m particularly looking forward to One More Time With Feeling, Andrew Dominik is a great director (Chopper anyone?)

Emily (Finance Assistant)
It’s got to be Fleabag. There is sooo much hype for this show, it’s won loads of awards, it’s selling out everywhere it goes (we’re on course for a similar outcome here!) and I loved the BBC3 series. Imagine Miranda, but a really, REALLY bleak version. I think everyone has those moments of social anxiety that they can relate to, and this show breaks it all down in a filthy, yet somehow charming way.

These are just some of our opinions. There’s a lot more on offer, including DollyWould by the wonderfully named Sh!t Theatre (pictured below), David Shrigley’s Problem in Brighton, a collaborative concert with Sarah Jane Morris and Antonio ForcioneThe Great Escape Festival and more, so we’re sure they’ll be something for everyone.

Have a look at our full lineup here, and we’ll see you very soon!

Team TOM x