Staff highlights from 2016 & picks for 2017

2016 is nearly over, and although we’ve lost national treasures and witnessed countless political U-turns, it hasn’t been all bad – at TOM we found bliss in the performing arts.

So, for all you list-lovers out there, here’s a round up of highlights from the year that saw TOM host over 160 events and go digital (#TOMTech). Our wonderful team also share what they’re chomping at the bit to see in 2017. Enjoy.

Tanya  – Operations Manager

“Hmmmmm…. theatre like this is a must for feel good endorphins.
Amazing acrobatics, laugh out loud wit, strength and grace from the performers. Just pure pleasure from start to finish.”

2017:  THRIVE
“I am really looking forward to Thrive in March – an interesting promenade piece for, and about, young adults dealing with emotional trauma.
I’m curious to see how this will address sensitive issues and how young adults react to them. It’s great that a promenade piece has been created where young adults have an opportunity to become completely immersed in the action. I will definitely be bringing my teenage daughter – if her school doesn’t bring their group along!”

Date & Time: Sat 4 Mar, 6pm & 8pm

Laura – Box Office Manager

2016: GOLEM
“My 2016 highlight was 1927’s production of Golem. It was just the sort of theatrical experience I needed to wash away those January blues. I loved its clever mix of the visual, the emotional and the lyrical. I adore seeing productions that pay so much attention to detail. It blended the wickedly absurd and darkly comical with some real Kafka-esque existentialism thrown in for good measure. Wonderful.”

“I’m looking forward to a lot of shows in 2017, but the one that keeps saying ‘come watch me’ and won’t leave me alone is Near Gone by Two Destination Language. I’m intrigued by its Balkan flavour and fusion of emotion, words and languages, and its internal story of survival and the power of the human spirit. It sounds beautiful.”

Date & Time: Wed 29 – Fri 31 Mar, 8pm

Sam – Marketing Manager

“There have been so many highlights, but my absolute favourite show has to be Dick Tracy (March 2016), a ludicrous day-glo slapstick adaptation of the classic comic strip, featuring Exeter’s favourite physical comedy troupe Le Navet Bete. I can honestly say I’ve never laughed so much before, and my friend sitting behind me laughed so hard she spilt her wine all over my head. Needless to say we’re now Le Navet Bete fangirls and we can’t wait for their return to TOM in 2017… watch this space!”

“To continue the theme, I have to say I need light relief more than ever after the 2016 we’ve had, so I’m most looking forward to more physical comedy silliness. This hilarious genre parody from up-and-coming company The Pretend Men has had sell out runs around the world, won numerous awards and picked up five star reviews like nobody’s business, but to be honest, it had me at the name – which will resonate with many Simpsons fans out there: Police Cops. What’s not to love?”

Date & Time: Wed 22 – Thu 23 Feb, 8pm

James – Development Manager – #TOMtech

2016: vrLAB
“During September’s Brighton Digital Festival, we launched #TOMtech – a programme that celebrates artists who use emerging technologies.  A highlight for me was vrLAB – a four day event featuring 25 different virtual reality experiences.  From the magical woodland world of In The Eyes of The Animal to the intensively high octane racing game, Radial-GvrLAB took over the whole building! The tech team completely re-purposed the venue in an extraordinary way and we think it was a first for a UK arts venue! So cutting edge.”

2017: #TOMtech
“#TOMtech continues for 2017 with new shows, experiences and labs.  One very exciting event will see the return of the excellent Marshmallow Laser Feast, completely re-imagining our venue as a natural habitat with a digital twist.  It’s all under wraps until we launch next year, but I can guarantee you will not believe you are in the same The Old Market.  I can’t wait.”