May is wilder than you know…

Are you sitting comfortably? We’ve been busy sharing our own stories down in the basement, to warm up for our brand new storytelling night Wilder Stories

Story Mash #wilderstories

The TOM team and friends spinning yarns.

At the heart of any arts festival is the sharing of stories, so we’ve brought together artists, academics, musicians, poets and raconteurs for three nights in May during Brighton Fringe, to share their stories with us. Wilder Stories: Rhapsodies in Colour promises bold, beautiful, grotesque and intricate story-telling, with each night inspired by a different hue: Blue (Sun 7 May), Red (Sun 21 May) and Green (Sun 28 May).

Included in the evening line-up so far are 2017 Aesthetica Creative Writing Award winner, Christina Sanders (BLUE), musician Nick Harper (RED) and Brighton based musician and writer, Cess Greenness (GREEN).

Wilder Stories will mark the launch of a live podcast series, hosted by poet-musician-activist Chris T-T, and scored by Todd Jordan. Tickets are just £5, and £3 each if you buy a ticket for more than one Wilder Stories event. To get the ball rolling, we got together to share some of our favourite tales in front of the camera.

Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan

Here’s our rendition of an excerpt from scientist Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot. Written in 1994, Sagan was inspired to write after urging the crew of Voyager 1 to take an image of Earth during a mission on February 14, 1990. As the spacecraft travelled to the fringes of the solar system, engineers turned around to take a photograph. The resulting image, with the earth a speck less than 0.12 pixels in size, became known as the ‘pale blue dot‘.  Sagan’s writing asserts the sheer vastness of space, and our undeniably-small place within it.

‘Pale Blue Dot’ the image is part of the first ever ‘portrait’ of the solar system taken by Voyager 1 (NASA/JPL) / Artwork by Hannah Broadway for Wilder Stories – Rhapsodies in Colour: BLUE

Check out the full info for Wilder Stories:

As part of TOM’s venue pledge, we are working with community groups across the city to promise that for every ticket bought for this specially curated series of live-lounge podcasts, we will donate a ticket to someone who can’t afford to go to the theatre.