NEWS: Your Chance To Play Live With The Orchestra Of Samples

Ahead of their performance of Orchestra Of Samples this July, Addictive TV’s Graham Daniels and Mark Vidler are inviting contributions from talented musicians.

Orchestra Of Samples is a unique project based on sampling recording sessions filmed with more than 200 musicians around the world, creating a digital supergroup of international artists who have never met.

If you’d like to record a sample to join the global Orchestra Of Samples archive and also play live with Addictive TV at The Old Market on 04 July, here’s what you do:

Send a video clip of yourself singing or playing any musical instrument to: Addictive TV will select the best musician and record a sample of you performing. This sample video will then be added to the global archive of Orchestra of Samples videos [for possible use in the future.]

In addition, Graham and Mark will choose one number from their live set to be performed at The Old Market on 04 July, and invite you to join them on-stage and accompany them playing the track live on the night.

To Submit Your Sample:
Please send your videos to, including your name, e-mail address and contact telephone number.