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Andrea Gibson

Lord of the Butterflies

May 12, 2019

Main House: Seated

Andrea Gibson remains one of the most captivating performers in the spoken word poetry scene today.

Known for pulling hearts out of chests to either wrench or kiss, Gibson has authored four full-length collections of poems, an illustrated book of their most memorable quotes (Take Me With You, Penguin 2018), and has released seven beloved albums.

In a fierce oscillation between activism and love, Andrea Gibson’s newest book, Lord of the Butterflies, looks at themes of gender, romance, loss and family. Also a book of protest, while rioting against gun violence, homophobia and white supremacy, Gibson celebrates gender expansion, queer love and the will to stay alive. Each emotion in it is deft and delicate, resting within imagery heavy enough to sink the heart, while giving the body wings to soar.

Gibson’s poems… are forthright and pithy, putting into words the feelings of anyone who has been angry, or outraged, or embarrassed, or in love”
Star Tribune

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Andrea Gibson: Lord of the Butterflies
Date & Time: Sun 12 May, 7.30pm
Tickets: £20
Age: 14+