Graeme Taylor


June 26, 2019

Main House: Seated

In support of their new album ReInvention, Gryphon are coming to TOM.

41 years after their 5th album, way back in 1977, Gryphon return with their unique blend of imaginative prog rock virtuosity. Known for their expansive array of sounds and instruments, each of their albums and live performances utilising at least 40 different instruments, Gryphon build varied and unfamiliar textures that will challenge and subvert your expectations.

No-one could ever pigeonhole the legendary and unpredictable Gryphon. They appeared on BBC Radios 1, 2, 3 and 4 all in the same week. Creative, fresh and different, they played prog rock festivals, folk clubs, cathedrals and at the National Theatre. ReInvention returns to their early connection with Lewis Carroll’s Alice books, where they found their name. Graeme Taylor has set the White Knight’s song A-sitting on a Gate into an epic 11-minute extravaganza.

Upcoming Performances

Date & Time: Wed 26 Jun, 8pm
Tickets: £18.50