The Hiccup Project

Lovely Girls

+ HoneyBee*
+ All Aboard! At Termination Station**

28 Mar 19–29 Mar 19

Main House: Seated

Chess and Cristina are multi award-winning comedic dance-theatre company, The Hiccup Project. But they’re often introduced as ‘The Lovely Hiccup Girls’. This got them thinking.

At first, they weren’t too bothered by it. Lovely? That must mean they’re friendly. Girl? That’s a ‘normal' word for a female, right? Being lovely is important as a woman. It’s expected. But, what if we want to be more than that? At a time when so much value is still placed on women’s charm and beauty, brand new show Lovely Girls, asks what more can we hope for?

It follows Cristina and Chess’ poignant, hilarious and truthful journey as they explore what it is to be young women today, delving into the confusing, and often ridiculous, contradictions, clichés and expectations.

Using their powerful blend of comedy, energetic dance and theatre, they imagine a world where women can be, and do, whatever they want, breaking free of the boxes and letting go of the rules. From dreams of sweaty drum playing to carefree solo adventuring around the world, Lovely Girls is an engaging, uplifting and insightful celebration and ode to being a woman in the 21st Century.

"An utter delight...truly reflects reality & expectations of women in the 21st century" 
Ian Abbott: Writing About Dance

 ★★★★ - "Uplifting, unapologetic and empowering"  
Epigram Arts

★★★★★ - “Physical comedy and dance are stupendous companions when they work - and Chess and Cristina have the energy and the intelligence to make it work”
Fringe Guru

★★★★★ - “Theatre and dance that throws custard pies at convention. Outstanding”
Fringe Review

★★★★ - “Men will laugh from their very core... in a story every woman can relate to"
Total Theatre


Support for this event comes from Eleanor Dillon-Reams and Lily Burton

HoneyBee - Eleanor Dillon-Reams*
HoneyBee is a new one-woman play written by Eleanor Dillon-Reams, which combines stand-up comedy, physical theatre, spoken word and a thumping festival-driven soundtrack. HoneyBee is Elle’s first full-length play, and is something of a marathon feat on stage. The show tells the story of Kate, who, having had her world turned upside down and vomited back up at a festival, journeys to rediscover her identity and self-worth. Holding nothing back, flipping the bird to the patriarchy, Kate represents our generation’s search for purpose. Performed by the writer, and told through a blend of poetry, movement and short stand-up skits, the show challenges the female stereotype through brutally honest accounts of her life.

All Aboard! At Termination Station - Lilly Burton**
"I was 19 when I had an abortion. Looking back, I think it was a self-destructive attempt to make someone love me more. It didn’t work. The prick!”

All Aboard! At Termination Station is a comedy cabaret (or summin’ like that) and asks the question: Have you ever just closed your eyes and hoped that it’ll all just go away? This is a bracing, booming and brash exploration of pro-choice. Too far gone to hide, join Lilly on an upside-down nuttified conquest through song, dance and self-reflection. A warm and wacky misadventure, this show is for the boy who never knew, for the girl who never said and for anyone who didn’t ask about ABORTION.

* - Fri 29 Mar only | ** - Thu 28 & Fri 29 Mar

This event is part of REIGNING WOMEN - a mini-season of events celebrating kick-ass women in all their glory! Click here to find out more

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The Hiccup Project: Lovely Girls
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