Poets v MCs

Poets v MCs – Brighton v Sheffield

May 5, 2019

Main House: Standing

Welcome to the arena for two battles in one night: the poets and rappers of Brighton and Hove are joined by their respective comrades from the city of Pulp and Prince Naseem to continue their epic battle of lyrical, rhetorical and satirical skills.

But they will stand together (temporarily) for the honour of this beautiful conglomeration of pebble-fronted performance fishing villages against the verbal forces of the City of Steel. Winner of the Argus Angel Award for Artistic Excellence and ranked number one in Metro’s Brighton must-see events, this all-ages event is unlike anything you’ll have seen before!

Heart-warming, impressive, brilliant to behold”
Brighton Source

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Poets vs MCs - Brighton vs Sheffield
Date & Time: Sun 5 May, 7pm (doors 6.30pm)
Tickets: £8 (£5 conc.)
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Age: 14+