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Sleeping Beauty

16 May 19–18 May 19

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A participatory performance that approaches sexuality through power and role play.

The performance offers an opportunity to carry out fantasies with a 'sleeping' person. The participant can choose to be either the sleeper or the visitor, and bring accessories or props to their liking. The performers will be present at the festival bar where audience members can converse with them about their fantasies and the possibility of making them happen. When mutual understanding is met, the participant can purchase a ticket for the show and move into an intimate, calm space for the encounter.

Sleeping Beauty gives room to personal fantasies, sensations and feelings, and communication through touch. It invites the participant to step into the reality of the performance where power and surrender, trust and consent, curiosity and timidity, desires and fears, being seen and experiencing human beauty meet. The performance is queer-oriented and it welcomes all kinds of bodies, genders and sexual orientations.

Sleeping Beauty was part of the SexLab (2016–2017) initiative run by the performance collective REALITY RESEARCH CENTER. The SexLab explored sexuality; its cultural manifestations, its diversity and possibilities, its limits and taboos – and, of course, sexuality in the performative context.

Concept: Julius Elo & Xana
Sound: Tatu Nenonen
Performers: Amy, Bambi, Jean, Kasper
Production: Reality Research Center

This is a one-to-one experience where tickets are not bookable in advance. Customers are invited to register their interest in participating by calling our Box Office team on 01273 201 801. Registration of interest is on a first-come, first served basis. On the night of the event, customers will be invited to talk with the company about the performance. Once permission has been given by the company, customers will then be allowed to purchase their ticket from the Box Office. Please note that the company reserve the right to refuse admission and that registering interest does not guarantee entry.

Upcoming Performances

Sleeping Beauty
Dates & Times:
Thu 16 May, 10pm
Fri 17 May,  10.45pm
Sat 18 May, 10pm
Tickets: £10.50
Age: Strictly 18+ only