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Terry Riley

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April 14, 2019

Main House: Seated

It’s possibly hard to do justice in words to the influence of Terry Riley on so much adventurous music that had emerged over the past half century.

Take his legendary In C, a simple piece of musical genius that still resonates as loudly in impact today and perhaps achieving more widespread influence than ever currently since its first recorded appearance in 1968. Add in his sublime minimalist keyboard recordings such as Siri Camel and A Rainbow In Curved Air, his early tape work and his collaborations with Pandit Pran Nath, John Cale and La Monte Young amongst others and it’s easy to see why Terry Riley has been so influential.

In this intimate seated show, Terry will perform in a duo with his son Gyan, who has a growing discography of his own that includes releases on labels such as John Zorn’s Tzadik and has worked with Zakir Hussian, Dawn Upshaw and many others.

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Terry Riley
Date & Time: Sun 14 Apr, 8.15pm
Tickets: £27.50 (adv.)
Age: 14+