TOMtech 2018 is here!

Now in it’s fourth year, TOMtech is our in-house programme of performances using new technologies. Not content with the traditional artforms (we still love them – have you seen our packed autumn season?) we are leading the way forward with new forms of storytelling, immersive entertainment and cultural experiences that take your breathe away.

This year, we are showcasing virtual reality experiences that illustrate the best of what is possible in this medium. Carefully selected from festivals, artists and design studios both here and around the globe, these vary from the enchanting to the extreme. As you look through, be sure to reference our rating symbols to know what will suit you best.

It is not all VR though. Opening the programme this year, we are delighted to welcome the beamer community into the building to adorn our walls with light powered art.

Beyond the public events, we are running a course for theatre makers to learn how to create immersive content and developing our own multi-user production (thats under wraps, for now…)

TOMtech allows us to dream on what the entertainment of the future will be. Over the last few years our VR shows and events have seen sold out crowds coming to the venue to try the latest experiences. 2018 is no different. This year’s programme includes the chance to have a 1-2-1 biology lesson with Sir David Attenborough at the Natural History Museum, a heart-stopping journey beyond the grave (in Doom Room) and a unique view on the relationship between twins thrown apart by one night.

Pop-Up Brighton and TOMtech

14-15 Sep

Bring Your Own Beamer has been wow-ing crowds in Brighton for six years. Launching our TOMtech programme with two nights of projector powered digital art expect to find the building transformed in to a digital wonderland.

Alongside the open sessions – join Pop-Up Brighton for parties, workshops, masterclasses and talks. Check online for schedule.


Makropol and TOMtech
20-30 Sep

A boundary-defying live VR experience from Danish collective, Makropol. You are invited to put on a blindfold and begin a guided meditation where you are transported to the afterlife. Technological wizardry combine with heart-stopping live performance in this remarkable work. WATCH THE TRAILER HERE.

Contains scenes of an extreme nature that some audiences may find disturbing. Please see website for trigger warnings BEFORE booking.  



20-30 Sep

A 10-day curated installation that invites you to enjoy some the finest immersive works the world has to offer.  Your ticket covers guaranteed slots on the three main exhibits below and overleaf, curated for small groups over one-hour sessions. Programme includes:

HOLD THE WORLD WITH DAVID ATTENBOROUGH (Sky VR/Factory42/Natural History Museum)

A unique one-on-one encounter with a digitally realised Sir David Attenborough, in which he teaches you how to examine remarkable specimens from the Natural History Museum’s collection.  Go behind the scenes to areas usually closed off to the public to get up close with a stegosaurus, a trilobite, dragonfly, blue whale and a pterosaur. WATCH THE TRAILER HERE.

IS ANNA OK? (BBC/Aardman Animations)

A true story of twins thrown apart by one night.  Step into their shoes and a beautifully illustrated world, explore memories through objects, and uncover what happened from both perspectives.

EMPIRE SOLDIERS (Metro-Boudot-Dodo)

Empire Soldiers tells the compelling stories of the forgotten Caribbean and South Asian soldiers of World War 1.  Hear the captivating stories of the battlefield as you are joined by a returning soldiers and share the emotional experience of the return home. As the journey continues to the present day, focus turns to the resulting changes of the last 100 years, and the impact of migration on the world today.

TICKETS AND MORE INFORMATION (See all three above for one price)

Hatsumi VR
20-23 Sep

Scientists and meditation gurus alike have sung the praises of mindfulness as a technique we can harness to improve our mental wellbeing. Whilst living in an age of hyper-connectivity often perpetuates mental distress, perhaps we can use technology as a tool to connect with ourselves, regulate our emotions and regain control over our minds and bodies.  Join us for an hour-long journey through three immersive experiences, inviting you to breathe, embody and visualise mindfulness.


TOMtech and MakeReal
4-7 Oct

One of the most popular events during Brighton Digital Festival, vrLAB brings together immersive experiences and experiments from the world of arts, gaming, documentary/film and … well, wherever we can find interesting things to share! Pick your slot time and explore the latest technological advancements from our digital mavericks.


For full listing information, to book tickets or find out more, visit the venue’s main site via

TOMtech is funded by Arts Council England through National Lottery Project Grants and supported by Sheffield Doc/Fest, Make [Real], Virtual Umbrella, BBC and Pop Up Brighton. TOMtech is part of Brighton Digital Festival the UKs largest exploration of digital culture. Check out the programme here.