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What can new technology bring to the world of
live entertainment? Now’s your chance to find out…

We’re living in the middle of the largest technological revolution since we mechanised farming, which brought us in from the fields to the cities, saw us develop a five day working week, and changed the shape of our society. With new technologies emerging at an ever-increasing rate, we wonder what the next 20 years will bring.

In 2014, we launched #TOMtech to assist artists in exploring this brave new world, questioning how we’ll consume art and culture in the future, and what that future will look like for society as a whole. Expect experimental theatre, new VR (Virtual Reality) shows that enable you to visit immersive new environments, as well as talks and discussions on the latest tech trends and discoveries.

For artists, we run labs to introduce new technologies and allow space to see what is possible when they master these tools. This year, we are running a workshop on the basics of VR / AR (Augmented Reality) coding, and offering two theatre companies a funded week to explore how they can use realtime motion capture, live on stage.

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