Tonight, we’re gonna party like it’s 1999

The year 1999 was a blooming marvellous one for films. There were lots of hidden gems that you probably didn’t realise were released. So, because we’re such good people, we’ve gone round the office and hand-picked some cracking films that you may or may not realise were released in the final year before we entered the ‘Noughties’ (still can’t stand that name…)

Mark – Marketing Manager
I’m not joking when I say this… South Park is one of the best musicals ever made. It was the catalyst for the likes of Avenue Q and The Book of Mormon, it’s got that trademark South Park humour and the songs are catchy as hell (though I wouldn’t recommend singing any out loud on public transport).

Watch a clip of the film here
Screening at TOM on 10 June – click here for more info

James – Development Manager
As a tech-head, I can’t help but love this film. And with the news of the Mirrorworld coming soon, the film is strangely coming to life sooner rather then later (eek…)

Watch a clip of the film here

Helen – Programmer
It’s just such a classic, isn’t it? (Short and sweet answer from Helen there…)
Watch a clip of the film here

Screening at TOM on 11 June – click here for more info

Andy – Marketing Officer
I love a bit of Paul Thomas Anderson, and this (along with There Will Be Blood) is his best work. Whenever you see a film with a big cast, you normally think, “Ah, they’ve spent the money on the cast and not the script”. This is the exception to the rule – a truly beautiful film. Make sure you’ve got popcorn, it’s a long one!

Watch a clip of the film here

Mikey – TOM’s Film Club Programmer
This is one of those films that often gets overlooked in amongst all of the bigger animations from the likes of Disney and Studio Ghibli. It’s super sweet, a great story and has a surprising voice cast that includes Vin Diesel as the Iron Giant…
Watch a clip of the film here
Screening at TOM on 6 August – click here for more info

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