Do you have a story to tell?

Earlier in the year we launched a brand new podcast series called Wilder Stories.  We invited storytellers from all disciplines to spin their yarns –  with each podcast having a unique theme.

The first podcasts were recorded in front of a live audience during Brighton Fringe and were hosted by poet-musician Chris T-T and scored by Todd Jordan.  After the success of these we’re searching for participants for the next round, with the natural environment our inspiration.

The chosen themes for Wilder Stories series 2 will be;  THE SEA, THE HILLS, and THE WOODS.

If you have a suitable short story, poem, essay or song then we’d like to hear from you! This time, we’ll be recording each story on the move – so can meet you at a chosen location to hear your story, or you can come to us.

How to apply:

– Indicate whether your submission is a story, poem, essay, narrative song or something else entirely.
– Let us know which theme your piece is inspired by (the sea, hills or woods).
– It should be no longer than 5 minutes in length.

Send a transcript or a link to a recording with the subject line: WILDER STORIES 2 + SEA/HILLS or WOOD
to james [at] theoldmarket.com

You can apply to more than one, if you would like to.

The deadline for submissions is Fri 15 Sep and we will let you know by Wed 20 Sep.

Wilder Stories is produced by The Old Market with LoFi Arts and hosted by CJ Thorpe.