This will make your Christmas, but don’t just take our word for it!


We’re fidgeting around with excitement ahead of 1927’s return to us this Christmas. Last time they were here they brought their amazing show Golem to us, this time around it’s The Animals and Children Took To The Streets.

1927 are an award-winning theatre company known for their stunningly original synchronisation of live music, performance and storytelling with stunning films and animation. Their shows are like giant graphic novels burst into life and we just LOVE them. 

We could go on forever about how great 1927 are, and about how much you’ll love this show, but don’t just take our word for it. We’ve compiled a bumper crop of reviews for the show below, so take a look at what the experts think… 


★★★★★ – ‘While the group has drawn comparisons to Tim Burton and David Lynch, 1927’s black humoured tale of The Animals and Children Took to the Streets is a truly unforgettable production and deserves acclaim of its own.’ Time Out (Sydney)


★★★★★ – ‘It’s a rare treat for a theatre lover to discover a show that’s quite like anything she’s experienced before and adore it unreservedly from the start. Such was the glorious sensation that company 1927 gave me, with its outstanding blend of animation, original music and quirky storytelling in 70 nigh on perfect minutes…A huge hit beckons.’ The Evening Standard *****


★★★★★ – This is a perfect alternative show. In fact, it is a perfect show.’ The Financial Times
‘The Animals and Children took to the Streets is richly quirky, terrifically ambitious for a tiny company, and superbly executed. Where will 1927 go from here? Theirs is a name to watch.’ The Independent on Sunday


‘Think Alexander Rodchenko meets Tim Burton, Charles Dickens meets Fritz Lang, and the early 20th-century silent movie meets the 21st-century graphic novel, and you have something of the flavour of this jaw-droppingly clever and gloriously subversive parable of social mobility, revolution and its suppression… 1927 conjure a world so complete it feels as if you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole’
‘a really astonishing piece of work from 1927.’ The Guardian


‘the new show from the macabre, musically ingenious and graphically glorious company called 1927…Anyone interested in the theatre should see this company now.’ The Observer


‘1927 have raised the bar in this blackly funny masterpiece that fuses a mish-mash of forms to make something that says much about the recession-led culture of now. Junk-shop Weimar agit-cabaret, comic-strip silent-movie noir as rewritten with the cruelty of Roald Dahl and soundtracked by cut-glass parlour room piano ditties all combine to make something politically pertinent.’ The Herald


‘technically brilliant use of live action and music combined with superbly drawn and animated film backgrounds to create shows that combine vintage cultural nostalgia with a sharp, beady-eyed sense of postmodern alienation.’ The Scotsman


★★★★★ – ‘British genre hoppers 1927 conjure up this gorgeously grim world in a technically brilliant blend of live music, physical theatre and animation…This is an entrancing show. Don’t miss it.’ Sydney Morning Herald


‘1927 stand as one of the UK’s most exciting young companies, festooned in acclaim, their upwards trajectory as yet unchecked.’
‘The Animals and Children Took to the Streets’ is a comprehensive raising of their game. It’s a visually stunning, bitingly funny and startlingly topical piece that’s the most subversive show in town… A mind-blowingly beautiful piece of theatre.’ Time Out (London)


‘1927: Their star is on the ascendant and there is nothing quite like them.’ The Times


‘visual theatre that drips with class and fresh possibilities. Its prescience and perception stands testimony that devised work can trade political punches with playwrights without sacrificing aesthetics or playfulness… Alert the judging panels: The Animals & Children Took to the Streets should not be overlooked.’
Culture Wars


‘Brilliantly inventive, funny, poignant and visually entrancing, it’s a treat.’ Sunday Telegraph (Australia)


‘…grown-ups into cinema, twisted animation and immersive storytelling theatre will love it.’ Sun Herald


‘1927 have once again conjured up a night of unique theatrical magic out of a potent combination of deadpan grotesquery and vaudevillian flair. This cautionary tale, on the surface at least, is a macabre masterpiece of invention and skill.’ Whatsonstage

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